Thesis content

Drafting content should begin immediately after the approval of the subject. Ideally, a plan is drawn up once and together with the topic, the object and the calendar schedule for the thesis, it fits into a special form that you need to pass to the department. After that, changes to the content can be made only after the consent of the supervisor. Therefore, before approving the content, carefully check the availability of information on the Internet for each paragraph!

How to properly make the content? Depending on the field of knowledge in which you are writing a thesis, there is a certain algorithm for its preparation. The thesis plan for economics should consist of a theoretical, analytical chapter, as well as an integral part – the chapter on the improvement of the problem under consideration.

How to quickly make good content for a thesis? Open secret

To correctly compose the content, it is enough to take several options on the same subject on the Internet and simply group them into one, but well-structured. As a rule, to find several paid theses in the network on the desired subject is easy. But to acquire these works is not required, you only need their content.

It makes no sense to invent something, unless of course you are going to make a revolution in world science:). All theoretical positions in any discipline have already been formed before you. But do not hesitate, use clever words where appropriate. At the stage of drafting the content, you should already know quite well the main points about the problem you are researching. Otherwise, a competent and thoughtful plan will not work for you.

After the work plan has been drawn up, MANDATORIly approve it from the supervisor so that the situation does not arise when the first points of the work have already been written and you are forced to redo the content and, as a result, the entire text.

For example, you can look at the content of the analyzed work:




1.1. The essence of wages and its impact on production

1.2. Forms and wage systems

1.3 Composition and structure of the wage fund in the enterprise

1.4 Methodological basis for the analysis of labor remuneration in the enterprise


2.1 Characteristics of the enterprise

2.2 Organization of work on remuneration in the enterprise

2.3 Analysis of the composition, structure and dynamics of the total wage bill and included in the cost of production

2.4 analysis of the use of payroll

2.5 Analysis of the ratio of the growth of labor productivity and wages and the identification of reserves for the effective use of the wage fund

3 Directions of improvement of the organization of remuneration in JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery

3.1 Approaches to optimize the wage system in the enterprise

3.2 Implementation of the tariff-free wage system

3.3 Reserves of increase of wages in the enterprise




It should be noted, the author systematically enough systematized information.

And now, I suggest choosing the right subject for your thesis and creating a competent content. Since this stage is very important, set aside one day for this purpose. Put aside all your other affairs and tune in to work. Plan your choice of topics today! Do not delay for later! I DO NOT RECOMMEND to begin studying the other chapters of this course until you complete the first stage. You already have a minimum of necessary information. ACT!

P.S. For visual presentation of the material, in the process of presenting this practical course, we will consider examples from the finished thesis on the theme “Organization of remuneration and directions for its improvement”. At the same time, I will draw your attention to the author’s mistakes and positive moments.