Sources of information for the analytical chapter

Sources of information for the analytical chapter are largely dependent on the subject of the diploma. For projects on economic topics, as a rule, these are data from the company’s accounting reports, by the example of which a diploma will be written. It can also be industry statistics if it is a macro diploma.

As I said, even at the stage of selecting a topic, you should take care of access to the reporting company. Therefore, problems with this at the stage of writing analysis should not arise.

And now a little about the types of statements and documents of the enterprise. There is one document that is inserted into the additions of the diploma regardless of the subject matter, and the very first one is the statute.

A statute is the main document of an enterprise, which stipulates its legal address, form of ownership, types of activity, mission, etc. The statute volume is 10-20 pages of printed text.

Probably the second most important document – Balance. Balance – a document that reflects the assets of the enterprise and the sources of formation of these assets (capital).

The profit and loss statement is one of the main forms of financial statements (form No. 2), which characterizes the financial performance of the organization for the reporting period and contains data on income, expenses and financial results in cumulative total from the beginning of the year to the reporting date.

The balance sheets and profit and loss statements for several years are enough to calculate the necessary indicators (profitability of the enterprise, profitability of the products sold, profitability of the production of products) and to make a general analysis of the efficiency of the enterprise’s activities.

In order to analyze a particular field of activity of an enterprise (investment, remuneration, marketing), more specific reports will be required. Know what data correspond to a specific accounting report is not required. Just go to the company and ask a knowledgeable person where you can find the numbers you need.