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Rules for writing of the thesis

If the analytical chapter can be compared with the definition of a patient’s diagnosis (the patient’s role is an enterprise, organization, industry, etc.), then the design chapter is a prescription that the doctor writes out for his patient’s full recovery. But this is not just a list of “drugs”. The expediency of each item in the “recipe” must necessarily be confirmed by appropriate calculations and other weighty arguments.

If you do not understand nothing of this crazy stuff, I will explain in a scientific way :-). So, the design chapter should contain the following:

  1. Description of the problems and shortcomings in the enterprise, on the example of which you write a diploma. You need to write only those problems that relate to the topic of the diploma and which were identified in the analytical chapter; For example, if in the process of analyzing the wage system, a low labor productivity indicator was identified, this should be written in the project chapter as a problem.
  2. A list of specific actions that you propose to eliminate these problems; For example, to increase the indicator of labor productivity in the enterprise “Enterprise Name”, it is proposed to introduce a system of incentives and increase the interest of workers in improving labor productivity. Namely: here you clearly describe what you are offering.
  3. Each of your sentences must be justified not only by words, but also by concrete figures. For this, as a rule, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate calculations to substantiate the economic efficiency of the proposals. For example, if you propose the introduction of a special premium for exceeding the production plan, you need to compare the cost of paying the premium and the benefits that the company will receive from the innovation. Make it so that the costs do not exceed the profit, otherwise why is this “improvement” at all?

This is what the project chapter without, and it is difficult to name the project chapter. These are the three whales on which your project should hold.

Many do not need to write in the table. The table is not the project itself, but the conclusion to the third chapter. You are required to literally have a couple of sentences in each cell. The number of problems should not be less than 3, and the more, the better. If your company has no problems, invent them. Although, if there is really no problem, then this is bad. For me personally, there are no worse things to do than to invent something like that.

I think you already guessed that, as is the case with the analysis in the project chapter, you need to connect the imagination. Unfortunately, I can’t give specific recommendations on how to write a list of recommended proposals specifically for your subject and enterprise. Universal rules simply do not exist.

IMPORTANT! Do not allow inconsistencies in the work. What I mean? Sometimes there are cases when the analysis done in the second chapter indicates a poor state of affairs at the enterprise, and in the project chapter a graduate student makes a conclusion that everything is normal. Or in the analysis, the author advocates one concept, and in the project chapter, the opposite. What do you think, what can this be fraught with on defense? That is the same.

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