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How to outline a five-page essay for academic grading?

How to outline a five-page essay for academic grading?

For you to develop an essay paper with sufficient information, you must outline your writing from the onset. An outline helps in reducing the amount of words that you are required to write in your essay paper. From there, it becomes easy for you to map out what you need to have in your essay reports.

Features of an Essay Outline

An essay outline should be created from the beginning of writing an essay paper to the end. Often, students might not start writing an essay paper until the last minute. As such, most of them fail to structure their papers with the amount of information required. As such, they end up writing low standard essay papers that don’t offer a clear target for the reader.

It is crucial to know what to include in your essay outline before you start writing. Below, we will look at general features of an essay outline.


The structure of an essay outline should be simple, clear, and easy to read. Ensure that you leave an opening in your essay paper as you continue writing your paper. You don’t want the reader to miss it when looking through the essay paper. Besides, it also helps in guiding you through the writing process. As such, it will enable you to pick an ideal topic that you can handle in your essay paper.

What does an outline have? Here is what you should know:

  1. Introduction

The introduction serves as the first impression of your writing. As such, you should format your introduction as a report to the reader. Be keen to write it in a captivating manner so that the audience will be curious to know more about the main topic.

  1. Body

In this section, you are supposed to outline everything that you need to have in your essay. Be quick to note down all the points that will make up your writing. Remember, it is essential to center your writing, so that the reader will get an easy time reading through your essay paper. Besides, this will enable you to summarize the entire essay paper in the next section.

Be keen to use transitional words whenever you have to. Doing so will ensure that your reader understands everything that you need to write in your essay report. Also, ensure that all the transitional words that you have come across are present in the body.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should summarize what you have included in the essay paper. Be quick to give a call to action that will enable the reader to take a different direction with the essay report. You don’t want your reader to find that your paper is full of irrelevant points.

An essay outline shouldn’t have any additional information besides what is included in your essay paper. Be quick to edit it if it becomes full of mistakes.

Often, it is crucial to source relevant resources to include in your essay paper. Through your essay outline, you will be able to gather all the points for your writing. Lastly, ensure that you format the outline accurately before submitting it to your tutor.

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