Creating handouts and presentations in MS Power Point

The text of the report is obliged to support the diploma with illustrations from the work itself. This can be done in two ways:

  • Print the handout and immediately before the beginning of the report distribute it to the members of the commission. Handouts are 5-7 sheets on which drawings, diagrams or tables are printed, which clearly illustrate the figures or other information voiced in the report. Each table or figure in the handout must be signed. For example: Pic. 1 Dynamics of labor remuneration 2007-2009 This is necessary in order to be able to refer to razdatku in the report. Handouts are printed in several copies, so that is enough for all members of the commission. However, if the commission is large, then 5 copies is enough. For aesthetics, you can make a title page handout.
  • If there is a technical possibility in your university (namely, a multimedia projector), you can make a presentation using PowerPoint. MS PowerPoint is an MS Office program (Word and Excel is also included) designed specifically for creating graphic presentations. Presentations are used for visual presentation of information on the big screen with its simultaneous commenting. When using the presentation, you will not need to print handouts. All illustrations can be seen by members of the commission on the screen using a multimedia device. You at this time will thumb through slides to comment them.

In most universities, graduate students can choose which of the options to give their preference. Of course, the quality of the thesis on the choice of the first or second option does not change. Using PowerPoint is considered to be a more advanced way, but I do not think that this will significantly affect your assessment. In short, whether you are giving a presentation or not is not so important.

If you decide to make a PowerPoint presentation, see the description of this process below.

So, first you need to have the MS Office package installed. Download it here. Install and run the program: Start – All Programs – Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Unlike creating handouts, it is advisable to include in the presentation not only illustrations, but also part of the report. Namely: the first slide is good to do in the form of the title page of the thesis, further indicate the purpose, objectives, object and subject of research, and after that proceed to the description of the work itself.

There are two options for creating a presentation: make slides from scratch or use a ready-made template. I recommend the second method because it will save you time. But here you need to take into account the possibility that one of your fellow students can use exactly the same template as you do (the number of templates is limited). And then your presentations will look the same. To avoid this, you can search for a suitable template on the Internet, for example, on the Microsoft website. It is better to choose a light template so that black text can be clearly seen on it. For example, I downloaded one.

The downloaded archive must be unpacked and opened by double clicking the left mouse button. The template will open in PowerPoint. The PowerPoint window has a standard look.

The next step is to make templates for the 2nd, 3rd and all subsequent slides of your presentation. To do this, right-click on the first thumbnail of the slide, click Copy and paste its copy in the empty space in the thumbnail pane.

I do not recommend adding to your presentation large tables or blocks of text from the thesis. The presentation should be clear, concise and easy to understand.

When you finish working on all the slides, you can view the result. Run the command from the top of the PowerPoint panel: Slideshow – Start the show. Use the keyboard arrows to move between slides.